Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My First Art Exposition at Wyndood for Art Basel Miami Week

Hello Everyone! This is my first post of the year and a very exciting one!

  The year 2013 ended in a very exciting way when I was selected by Vividly to display several of my artistic items at Wynwood for Miami Art Basel Week! It was an honor, that out of 70 qualified artists, they chose only 3, myself included.
 Vividly is an art community and fashion house for those who love well-made clothes that express their passion, vivacity, and love of art. They partner with visual artists to create garments that incorporate their art, providing a new way for artists to share their work.
Every piece is made in the USA, using high quality fabrics that are a pleasure to wear. Each simple silhouette tells a story or conveys an emotion just what you’d expect from these ultimate statement pieces.
The founders of this amazing company are Sabrina & Silvia Scandar, Sisters born and raised in Miami, Florida. They founded Vividly to foster creativity and promote self-expression through clothing.

  Not only did I have 2 of my clothing pieces there for exposition, I also had the opportunity to have my original framed prints there for expo and sale as well.

It was a fun busy night, with great people, beautiful ambience, and delicious organic appetizers. This provided for an overall great cultural and artistic experience given all of the other very interesting art expositions displayed.

Many thanks to Vividly for this wonderful opportunity!

You can find my clothing designs sold by Vividly here:

And my poster prints and more here:

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