Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poster Prints GIVEAWAY!

As promised, HAPPY GIVEAWAY to celebrate my 1,000 followers on my Facebook page!

Please share this post and in the comments, post the number of the artwork you would like from the photo below or choose a different one from my store:

I will choose 2 winners (1 print each 8"x10" size) from all the ones who share this post. Ends Sunday July 14th.
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 Thank you all for your support and encouragement I really appreciate it
"Oceania" Tribal Nature Illustration Process

Started off thinking about the ocean. I love doing detailed line work and after I started with the waves the sun decided to show up with all its little tiny little shiny details, see color version as well below :)

After Illustration with Pencil is done I go onto my awesome rapidograph pens, and later on I scan it to add color in Adobe Photoshop.

Final "Oceania"

You can buy the poster print from my Etsy Shop :)