Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pom Graphic Design interview by RAW Artists Miami

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Date: November 20, 2014
Venue: LMNT

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Artist of the week on Juniqe! February 2015


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Miami-based artist Pamela Gallegos has a passion for creating dreamlike realms that feature a medley of Inca-inspired elements. Her flamboyant mixed-media artworks have a hallucinatory quality and are strongly influenced by her Peruvian roots, her travels and the natural world. We took her for a drink to pick her brains.

  What are you drinking?
Rather than cocktails, I am more of a wine person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good Pisco Sour, our traditional drink in Peru, I just can’t find it in happy hour bars around here.

If you weren't an artist what would you be?
Without overthinking this question, my first thought would be a psychologist. I am always amazed by the power we behold in our minds, we can make or break ourselves with just our thoughts, it’s simply amazing. Another option would be something like an archaeologist whilst happy traveling around the globe.

You say your work is strongly influenced by your Peruvian roots, the travels you’ve been on and the natural world. Can you tell us more about these influences?
Most definitely. I started traveling within my country at a young age. During these travels I was completely captivated and inspired by all that my fascinating culture had to offer, and still am. I recently re-visited one of the places that I find the most inspiring which is Machu Picchu, great way to start my 2015 recharged with only positive and powerful energies from such a mystic place.
Travelling can be very inspiring, fulfilling and awakening and it definitely played a big role in my development into the artist that I am today. In most of my illustrations you see not only a variety of colours and shapes, but also elements of nature in some abstract iconic way, maybe even inspired as well by my ancestors, the Incas.

What are the three things in life that you couldn’t do without?
Family, my dogs (which count as family), chocolate and a good laugh.

What’s your favourite place in the world and why?
I guess I have some more travelling to do to answer this question, but the one place where I travelled (recently as well) and I feel like I belong there, like it is my mother earth, my second home where I feel deeply connected to the soil, surroundings, animals and more. That place would be the Amazonian jungle of Tambopata, Peru.

What keeps you up at night?
Unfinished drawings or exciting projects.

What music or tune are you listening to a lot these days?
I recently moved to a new home, and whilst organising my studio, I found peace by listening to French Bossa Nova.

You create extremely intricate patterns by hand. How long does it take to create one of these illustrations and do you find working on such detail fun or frustrating?
It depends, but usually they take me about 2 weeks to complete. The detailed and intricate aspect of my art is the most fun part to me. Even when my hand starts cramping and losing all sensitivity I keep going! It is my happy place, where I can let my mind wander freely. I do create as well some digital mixed media work, but what I enjoy the most is freehand illustration where my hand has a mind of its own and it’s singing and dancing to its own compass.

Colours or patterns?
Both!! I can’t do one without the other, they are like soulmates in my artwork.

Thanks, Pamela

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