Thursday, April 3, 2014

Interview on Pom Graphic Design by Prints On Wood!

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Before tribal art was watered down for the masses to adorn the biceps of Frat-Bro's and the sides Del-Taco cups, it was popularized by indigenous people around the world for thousands of years as a way to tell a story about their legacy and culture through beautiful, intricate patterns.
Peruvian artist Pamela Gallegos, creator of POM Graphic Design, has embarked on a one-woman quest to reclaim tribal art so that it can grow to become more associated with the elements and nature by snatching it out of the fat sweaty hands of Juggalos everywhere.
This week, we were fortunate to catch up with Pamela, as she discusses the inspiration and heritage behind her particular style of art.

POW: The colorful patterns featured in your artwork have a distinct textile appearance, triggering mental images of dashikis, chullos, and tapestries. Is this intentional, and what would you say inspires this?
PAMELA: I really don’t feel that it is intentional, however I understand I have a distinct style that is inspired by my cultural background. This influences the end result of my pattern designs and illustrations. I am a Peruvian who was born in the US, but then moved back home around the age of 5 where I lived until I was 19. I then came back to the US to continue my Graphic Design career.
I started travelling within my country at a young age. During these travels I was completely captivated and “awe-inspired” by all that my fascinating culture had to offer. I visited mystical and majestic places such as Machu Picchu and Marcahuasi just to name a few. This played a big role in the development of the artist that I have become today. Travelling can be very inspiring, fulfilling and awakening.
In most of my illustrations and patterns you see not only a variety of colors and shapes, but also elements of nature in some abstract iconic way.

POW: Several photographs on your Facebook page showcase your ability to create intricate geometric patterns by hand. How long do one of these illustrations take to complete, and are you ever discouraged when thinking of all the detail that it will require?
PAMELA: It depends, but usually they take me about 2 weeks maximum to complete. The detailed and intricate aspect of my art is the most fun part to me. Even when my hand starts cramping and loosing all sensitivity I keep going! It is my happy place, where I can let my mind wonder freely.
About my process, I start off by pencil not knowing exactly where I am going but always finding a way, creating harmony in my illustrative journey. Then I finish it of with Rapidograph technical pens and after that comes the digital component. I detail my design process step by step in my blog if you would like to check it out.
Mostly my designs are done freehand but from time to time I use tools such as a compass and rulers. What I enjoy the most is freehand illustration where my hand has a mind of its own and it’s singing and dancing to its own compass. I am never discouraged when I consider the intricacy of my work. I love it!

POW: As a Graphic Designer with a huge body of illustrative work, was there ever a time when a client was skeptical about your abilities to create something a little more tame/boring than what your artistic style dictates? If so, how did you overcome their apprehension?
PAMELA: Well, as an Artist/Graphic Designer I understand that what the industry demands from time to time is not exactly the “out of the box” artistic views that I express and that sometimes we got to go by standards, rules and trends. Most of the time I do accomplish and deliver what my clients require, however sometimes, if not most of the time, I must admit I do let my mind wonder off a bit more. Most of the time they end up loving it even if it’s not what they envisioned at the beginning.

BELUGA SKIN CARE labels & logo by POM Graphic Design
POW: As someone who relies heavily on word of mouth, self-promotion, and trade/art shows to sell your creations, has showcasing your work as an artist on Prints On Wood allowed you to generate more interest among newer fans on a more national level?
PAMELA: Definitely yes! Fans and friends love to see a variety of products.  I consider your Prints On Wood to be spectacular, full of bold and vibrant colors; just as the artists would like to see their artwork produced.

POW: Speaking of fans, you're giving away a free 9 x 12 copy of your Soulmate wood print here at Prints On Wood. Could you tell us a little bit about the meaning behind this image and it's inspiration?
PAMELA: Of course, it is always delightful when we get to talk about the inspiration behind each design. I have always been captivated by the romanticism associated with the idea of having a “Soul Mate”. As I created this piece of art, I was inspired to reflect the connection of the two souls adding my tribal touch.

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