Monday, August 19, 2013

Illustration process for Emperor Tribal Lion

My Lion Illustration step by step!

For this artwork I will be showing my process series for my lion abstract and tribal illustration!

First I start by sketching out the outline of my artwork. Once I have that done I just let my imagination take its course. I do not research online or on other images for inspiration, its better for me to just let my hand follow what my mind and soul has to say :)

My process takes time, patience and dedication. I carefully illustrate all my tiny details one by one until I fill each section of my lion template.

Below you can see all the series plus the finished one in black and white.

I then scanned it and moved onto Photoshop for color addition.
I clean up the design a bit, and then add color to each design element one at a time. Takes time, but its fun for me to do! 

Below is finished image plus other additional versions for my "Emperor Tribal Lion"

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