Monday, June 16, 2014

Handbags and Luggage Design Collection for Dakine

Dakine Women's AC Series pack/bag/accessory2015 Spring/Summer line

 It was one year ago that I was inspired to expand my artistic endeavors by designing my first intricate and detailed illustration. This has opened a whole new world of wonderful opportunities for me to express my artistic feelings.
I have been drawing for several years now, but in April, 2013 I decided to expand my artistic drawing and design approach. Since then I have gained a lot of attention from various online stores, blogs, and great people overall.

In this post I wanted to share one of the most exciting moments in my artistic career thus far. After my 'Dreamy Tribal' illustration was completed (see above), I started creating more detailed illustrations and expanding my portfolio to include many intricate handmade patterns and animals as well. Then in August 2013 this e-mail came through:

"Hi Pamela,

I am in the process of selecting an artist for the DAKINE Women's AC Series
pack/bag/accessory 2015 Spring/Summer line. I came across your illustrations
online and after showing your work around to our product and marketing team,
we thought you would be a great fit for the project."

In this e-mail, DAKINE attached some photos of their past designer collections. They all looked amazing. I was a bit nervous at the time. It would be a very big project to take on, and I was still in the learning process relating to “surface pattern design”. Being very excited about the opportunity, I obviously decided to go for it.

Two weeks later I had my pattern ready for DAKINE and they absolutely loved it!

Later in the year they sent me mock-ups of how my designs would look on their various luggage and handbag pieces, and I must humbly say that they were beyond beautiful.
Below is a black and white draft. I then added color in Adobe Illustrator.

Several months went by, and just recently DAKINE contacted me again with some actual photos of my line! They named it 'Rhapsody', and as soon as I opened the e-mail and saw my design on their luggage and handbags… happy tears started to run down my cheek. This was truly a big moment for me.

So today I can finally share them with the world! They won’t be in their stores until February 2015, but they have been produced and below are the final results.

I want to finish this blog post by highlighting a personal thought…. that "Dreams Do Come True".
Pursue whatever it is that you are after. Do not let doubts or fears get in the way. They will always exist, but I believe we must use these feelings to make us stronger, and more determined to prove to ourselves that we really can achieve anything. As long as you have the love and passion, no obstacle can prevent you from achieving your dreams.

POST UPDATE! March 2015

My 'Rhapsody Design' is now available at Billabong stores!
I was beyond thrilled and happy when I went in the store and found this.

 Thank you very much for taking a minute of your time to read my post. If you have any questions or would like to reach me personally please do so at: