Thursday, May 2, 2013

-new- Illustration Process for Elephant Tribal

In Collab with artist Mariam Tronchoni from Society6 who did the beautiful
elephant illustration outline

Copyright © 2013 Pom Graphic Design

Rotring rapidograph pen 0.2 & 0.4

After finishing my illustration, I proceed to scanning it and editing any flaws in photoshop, where I later add the color. Whole process of editing and color adding takes me about 5-7 hours. Illustration of interior of elephant took me 2-3 days. But I had tons of fun with it! :)

Final Products
 Elephant of Namibia

Copyright © 2013 Pom Graphic Design 

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Elephant tribal interior detail illustrations and color by Pom Graphic Design.

Elephant outline illustration by Mariam Tronchoni, check out her beautiful w


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  2. Hello Steven Thank you! Do you need an illustration work? Or some other design related?