Thursday, March 19, 2015

Collaboration for BucketFeet Spring Line collection 2015

In this post I wanted to share another exciting moment in my artistic career so far. It was one year ago that I applied between many other artists to have my design printed as beautiful shoes, a year has passed and here they are!

You can now get them on the Bucketfeet's website here:

Based in Chicago, BucketFeet is on a mission to connect people through art by tapping into the creativity and diversity of the world. They collaborate with artists from around the world to create products that stand out and tell a story. BucketFeet has collaborated with over 4,000 artists in more than 60 countries. Follow them on Facebook:

 Bucketfeet choose my 'Tambourine' pattern illustration to be part of their 2015 Spring line collection, and now they are even available at Bloomingdale's! This have been a really exciting year for me so far and has opened a whole new world of wonderful opportunities for me.

I have been drawing for several years now, but in April, 2013 I decided to expand my artistic drawing and design approach. Since then I have gained a lot of attention from various online stores, blogs, and great people overall. See this other post about another collaboration I did for Dakine that is now for sale in Billabong and other surf stores.

It is only perseverance, passion and love for what you do that will keep you going in your path to follow and achieve your dreams.

In December 2014, I met up with Bucketfeet co-founder Aaron Firestein at Wynwood's Art Basel 2014 when I saw the shoes for the first time. I Instantly fell in love with those beautiful shoes, plus they are incredibly comfortable as well.

Below are a few more photos of these shoes traveling around the globe to some wonderful places in my beautiful country Peru. After all it is travel and nature that boosts my soul and creativity the most.

 Guess where? :) One of the World's 7 Wonders.

 At a hanging bridge in the Tambopata Jungle - Peru

In their new store in Chi-town Chicago! - June 2015

Thank you very much for taking a minute of your time to read my post. If you have any questions or would like to reach me personally please do so at:



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